10 Safety Tips For a Fun-Filled, Worry-Free Summer With Your Dog

Summertime is perfect for all sorts of fun activities with your pup. But, the sun also brings with it several safety issues. There’s the risk of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and other hot weather concerns. To keep your dog safe and guarantee a trouble-free summer, here are the top tips you should follow:

1. Schedule outside activities

Avoid going for walks and visiting the park during peak sun hours.

During the summer, limit your outdoor time to early in the morning and closer to the evening. Those are hours when the sun and the pavement have cooled.

2. Provide Paw Protection

Pavement tends to absorb heat and could be too hot even after the sun has set. Using dog boots is the best way to protect your pup’s pads.

For dogs that can’t tolerate shoes, paw wax will help but won’t provide the same protection.

3. Keep Them Hydrated

Dogs won’t always remember to keep themselves hydrated, especially when they’re having too much fun!

It’ll be your responsibility to give them water and encourage them to drink every so often to keep them from dehydration and overheating.


4. Use a Good Dog Harness

Select a summer-friendly dog harness when taking your dog outside.

Strap harnesses are usually better to keep your dog cool. If you prefer padded dog harnesses, make sure to select ones made of breathable mesh, so your dog doesn’t get too hot while walking or playing.

5. Encourage Indoor Play

When it’s too hot outside, you can play with your dog indoors.

Get some dog toys and find ways to stimulate their mind and keep them from getting bored. Too many choices? Check out the 4 types of dog toys you absolutely must have.

6. Keep Them Cool at Home

Apart from keeping them in the shade, you can hose them down or use misting fans in the areas where they like to hang out.

Also, keep water bowls around the house to encourage them to drink often. If necessary, give them icy water.

7. Use Cooling Accessories

There are cooling accessories that can help your pup regulate their temperature when it gets too hot.

Dog Cooling Pads can keep them comfortable as they lounge around at home while cooling vests will help a lot when they’re outdoors.

8. Be Wary of Lake Water

Summer offers the perfect weather to go for a dip. But, it’s also the time when toxic algae can be present in ponds and lakes.

Especially avoid bodies of water with floating layers of blue-green algae, which is extremely toxic.

9. Buy a Dog Pool

Dog-safe pools offer tons of fun. They’re a safe way for your pup to enjoy the water and keep cool at the same time.

Plus, the way most dogs get excited over pool time, it’s definitely a great way to expend their excess energy.


10. Never Leave Them in the Car

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the temperature inside your car can be 40°F higher than the temperature outside.

That’s why dogs kept in parked cars can die from heatstroke, even with a window cracked open.

Summer temperatures could really harm your pup. By following these tips, you can make sure that you and your best pal can have all the fun in the sun, without all the worries. Now that you know how to keep your dog safe, check out these awesome summertime activities you can do with your dog.


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