What Are the Best Chew Toys for French Bulldogs

French bulldogs like to chew. This is a natural behavior that cannot be eliminated by training. They can chew anything, including strange and dangerous objects such as bolts, sticks, rocks, clothing, and more. Chews distract them from chewing unnecessary things, and that is why it is crucial to provide them (both puppies and adult Frenchies) with enough chews. 

Chews also keep your Frenchies entertained, especially when you are away. So, if you don’t want him to get bored when he is alone, consider buying a few Frenchie chew toys. Doing this can also help prevent separation anxiety. It is also worth noting that chews play a big role in strengthening the jaws of your pooch and in removing tartar and plaque collected in teeth.  

Bonus! Frenchies also get bored with chews and lose interest, so consider taking them away and changing the activities before giving them (chews) back.

With that in mind, here are some of the chews suitable for your Frenchies:

frenchie chewing

Tooth cleaning chew toy

This type of toy does an excellent job of teaching your Frenchie to chew. If your French Bulldog pup is chewing like a maniac, might as well give your puppy some benefits. Make the most out of their chewing habits and help clean their teeth. Most cleaning chew toys include rubber nubs and nylon bristles to help stimulate gums and keep teeth clean.

Chew toys squeaky sound

Catch the attention of your pooch with this unique toy. Every time he/she chews it, it will release a funny sound that will make him wonder what it is. Make sure to keep this chew toy clean all the time.

Let your Frenchie chew their own shoes

dog toy shoes

Does your Frenchie love chewing your shoes? Why not give them their own shoes to chew? If you’re a shoe lover, this is a must have, you want your pup to chew with style, no?

Dog funny mouthpiece

This toy is designed to not only entertain your dog by also you and your friends. It is a simple and funny dog toy that releases a unique sound when squeezed. It’s made of a solid, non-toxic, and natural rubber that will help your Frenchie puppy to ease teeth growing.  It will also satisfy your pooch’s desire to bite. Give it a shot!

Beeping chew toy

Distract your Frenchies from chewing house items with this toy. It beeps when squeezed, attracting your pooch’s attention. It also helps to improve his intelligence. It is ideal for fetching and interacting with your pup.

Squeaky chew toy

You will find this chew toy very helpful when your pooch is teething and suffering from painful gums.  You can also use it to cool your Frenchie during summer. Keep in mind French bulldogs are sensitive to heat. Before giving it to your Frenchie, wash it in cold water and put it in the fridge for 10 minutes.

Why choose the right chews?

If you really care about the health of your pooch, you will never buy the wrong chews. Wrong chews (especially those that break into pieces) can get lodged in the back of the throat risking the life of your adorable pet. If you have puppies in the house, you may want to be very cautious as they attempt to swallow anything, including whole chews. 

Observing how you Frenchie interacts with the toys over time is very crucial as this can help you get the right toys. For example, if you find that he loves chews that make funny sounds, get him the very best. Basically, if keen, it will be possible to get your Frenchie the toys he loves more.


Do French bulldogs chew things?

Yes, Frenchies like to chew and can chew anything. Your puppies will put anything in their mouth when teething. Most of the time, this is not a concern, but if this behavior continues to adulthood, you should be worried. Fortunately, chews come in handy.

How to stop a Frenchie from chewing on home items?

The best way to stop your Frenchie from chewing is by occupying him with the right chew toys. We have listed some chews suitable for your dog. Feel free to search for more chews online.