Current Trends in Dog Fashion: Your Pup's Wardrobe Essentials

Just like with people fashion, dog apparel trends often change. And while all pups are undeniably overloaded with cuteness no matter what they're wearing, its fun to keep up with what's in style at the moment. Understandably, pet fashion trends take after what's in style for people. At present, that means a whole lot of casual and comfortable pieces.

Here are the top fashion choices you'll want to make while shopping for your pup this year:

1. Streetwear

Because streetwear isn't just a fashion choice but a lifestyle, urbanites who subscribe to this way of living often dress their pups up in either matching or complementary dog clothes.

Today, dog hoodies are all the rage, especially those that parody popular brands in human streetwear. Imagine how awesome it would be to hang out and go around in matching hoodies!

With the right fashion choices, you both can walk the streets with attitude and confidence.

A bulldog wearing the "Woof" dog hoodie

@gizbat_the_frenchie wearing the Classic Black Pajama

Loungewear or even sleepwear is becoming increasingly popular among dogs and their pawrents. For people, the goal of this laid back and casual style is to achieve the ultimate in comfort. For dog clothes, it's exactly the same.

Pet loungewear pieces usually involve cozy and simple clothing. They're made of soft fabric that's easy to move around in and often come in muted prints and colors.

Among the most popular in pet apparel trends are dog flannel pajamas in plaid or solid colors.

3. Functional

Functional pet fashion mainly involves putting some style into the most practical dog clothes and accessories. The plain and solid colors of old will always be classic choices. But, more and more pet parents now think that style is an important consideration, no matter the function.

Whether they're dog raincoats to keep your pup dry or life vests to keep them afloat in the water, the design will always matter. Even collars and harnesses come in a variety of types, patterns, and colors to suit the personality or mood of your pup (or yours!).

Shihtzus wearing Spark Paws Dog Harnesses

@the_hotdog_squad  wearing the Bunny Ears Dog Hoodie - Pink

@the_hotdog_squad  wearing the Bunny Ears Dog Hoodies

Apart from coordinating with you, matching dog clothes to the occasion or destination is possibly one of the most adorable things in the world. Pet costumes have advanced from mere novelty items to themed pieces crafted well enough for everyday wear.

Because of this, you can treat any day of the year as if it were Halloween. To keep your pup safe, make sure you follow Animal Humane Society's pet costume safety guidelines, especially if your costumes aren't from a reputable brand.

5. Accessories

For many fashionable people, accessories are what complete an outfit. In fact, a simple piece of dog jewelry can make the differences between drab and fab. For current trends in dog fashion, it's exactly the same!

Pet accessories are no longer limited to collars and harnesses. Fashion accessories like bandanas, dog hats and scarves have become increasingly popular, especially because they're easy ways to look snazzy.

French Bulldog wearing a Gold Dog Collar

Keep an eye out for fashion pieces that suit these trends. No matter the style, though, make sure you know how to choose the best types of dog clothes for your doggo. Soon they'll be strutting their stuff and turning heads wherever you go.

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