Top 10 Dog Fashion Trends to Watch Out For

 Remember when dressing up your dog was more for novelty than for anything else? Well, that’s definitely no longer the case.

Not only are dog clothes incredibly functional, but dogs are becoming even more fashionable than their humans.

Not convinced? Here are the latest fashion trends that are so cute that even non-dog owners would go out to adopt just to get hold of these outfits.

1. Streetwear

Grab a dog hoodie to match yours, and you’ll surely be turning heads outside.

Luckily, all the dogwear brands now have fun and fashionable apparel for dogs.

2. Loungewear

Loungewear and PJs are the perfect clothing for when you just want to keep warm and snuggle indoors or even do some errands on a lazy day.

No matter the breed, classic pajamas or flannel tops will do the trick.

3. Winter Outfits

Winter is the best time to play dress-up because the season brings the most stylish dog jackets and winter coats suitable for the most dapper dog.

4. Preppy Chic

Preppy chic never goes out of style.

All you’ll need is a dog sweater or sweater vest, and you’re good to go! Even better, add a preppy bowtie to match.

5. Beach Wear

Heading for the surf and sand? A Hawaiian-print shirt or dress will help protect your pup from the sun and look snazzy as well.

There are also stylish sun shirts, or even dog bikinis, if you’re really looking to go all out.

6. Rain Gear

Don’t let a little downpour stop you from enjoying your day.

Now, there are dog raincoats that will keep your pooch looking sharp while staying warm and dry in the rain.

7. Dog Formal Wear

Attending a wedding or going somewhere fancy?

A simple bowtie would do, but a dog tux would be even better.

For the females, there are elegant dog gowns suitable for a princess ball.

8. Holiday Fashion

Sure, a Santa hat is enough to get into the Christmas spirit. But if you’re trying to keep your pooch warm anyway, you can go for an ugly Christmas sweater or go all out with a full holiday-themed dog outfit.

9. Pet Costumes

With quirky becoming an actual fashion trend, more and more pet parents are making every day Halloween.

Show off your creativity and come up with the most unique themed styles for your pup. Even better, get in theme with them!

10. Fashion Accessories

Nowadays, dog accessories aren’t limited to the style of collar or harness.

These are details that are meant to complete any dog outfit. Choose from dog chains, bowties, and even bandanas.

What started as a way to help keep short-coated dogs warm is now a burgeoning fashion industry. Although more and more pawrents are becoming obsessed with pet fashion and style, there’s no denying that dog clothes are still functional. In fact, there are a number of reasons why dogs should wear clothes. And those reasons are exactly the excuse we need as we shop for outfit after outfit for our beloved pups.